Fresh Amateur Girls Update and Upgrade

Hi everyone, how are you doing?  I want to welcome you to the first major upgrade to Fresh Amateur Girls since I originally opened this site in 2000. I know, 13 years is a long fucking time to not be making updates, but I made some – just not to the site design itself. Now I am moving it forward nearly a decade, using a modified version of wordpress CMS to run this amateur site. What you will see in the near future is more hot amateur girls, more hot galleries, and more sexy stuff for you to enjoy, plus whenever I find a new amateur girl, I will try to add some of her stuff here for you to enjoy. Let’s be fair too, the line between amateur and pro is pretty blurry at times, but I will try to keep with the girls who run their own sites and love to show off.

So bookmark us – Fresh Amateur Girls is getting a make over!